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Someone once tried to convince me that pachysandra doesn’t bloom. They said, “It is just a green plant; they don’t bloom!” I asked how they thought the plant reproduced — they didn’t know.

I’ve spent at least a little time thinking about that. I started looking for the blooms on any type of plant. I came to a conclusion.

All plants bloom. We just might not notice or recognize it.

Many times the blooms are so small that we might not notice it. Except when our allergies react. It is like this with the most allergenic trees. They have small blooms, not very distinguished in coloring, with very small pollen particles. Perfect for irritating our noses and going unnoticed by our eyes.

Some plants bloom for a very brief time. Some have blooms that are nearly the same color as their leaves or branches, and so are camouflaged.

All plants bloom.

Many well-meaning bits of wisdom use plant analogies, using the imagery of roots, blooms, etc to encourage us to dig deep, reach out, be ourselves, etc. Much like “all plants bloom”, all people can “bloom.” Some do so in very quiet ways. Some are flashy.

We can find out what is keeping us from blooming through self-examination. I found meditation can be very helpful in getting to know myself, what works for me, what is holding me back. I wonder if you might be able to take a couple of minutes today to reflect on what helps you bloom and what holds you back?

pachysandra bloom April 2021